Orange County Section

The Charles R. Bennett Service Through Chemistry Award

Every year the Orange County Section of the American Chemical Society seeks nominations for the Charles R. Bennett "Service Through Chemistry" Award. This award recognizes contributions of chemists to society in the broadest sense. The award was started in 1972 and was renamed in 2003 to honor Charles R. Bennett, a long-time active member of the Orange County Section. He was a well-respected and highly knowledgeable consultant. He played an active public role on many environmental issues, both international and local, and served on the ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement at the national level.

Previous Recipients
2017 Dr. James Nowick
2016 Dr. Carol Grimes
2008 Dr. Ara Apkarian
2007 Dr. Patrick Wegner
2005 Ms. Margaret Carlberg
2004 Dr. Don Blake
2003 Dr. John Hemminger
1999 Dr. Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts
1998 Ms. Miriam Cardenas
1998 Dr. Yvonne Shen
1997 Mr. Frank Baumann
1996 Dr. Maria Linder
1995 Dr. George E. Miller
1994 Honorable Edward R. Royce
1993 Dr. Lloyd R. Snyder
1992 Dr. Roshantha A. Chandraratna
1991 Dr. John D. Roberts
1990 Dr. Marjorie C. Caserio
1989 Dr. Mario Molina
1988 Dr. John Seinfeld
1987 Dr. Mare Taagepera
1986 Dr. Sidney W. Benson
1985 Dr. Eugene Roberts
1984 Dr. Miriam Kastner
1983 Dr. Donald C. Young
1982 Dr. James C. Sternberg
1981 Dr. Robert M. Horowitz
1980 Dr. Irving S. Bengelsdorf
1979 Dr. T. Roy Fukuto
1975 Dr. F. Sherwood Rowland
1974 Dr. Arnold O. Beckman
1973 Dr. James N. Pitts, Jr.
1972 Dr. Arie Jan Haagen-Smit